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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hamas/Fatah/Israel Update

Suffering the effects of International isolation, the terrorist group, Hamas, is now offended that Abbas/Fatah is willing to negotiate with Israel but is refusing to open a dialogue with them.

We are shocked and surprised by the voices forbidding discussions with us, while they enter discussions with Israel," Khalil al-Haya, a prominent Hamas lawmaker, said at a news conference. "We are still prepared for a brotherly serious and responsible national dialogue."

The statement followed a decision made by Fatah's top leadership body to cut off all contacts with Hamas, a participant said. The decision was made in a meeting of the Fatah Central Committee, said Azzam al-Ahmed.

"The Fatah Central Committee decided today not to conduct any kind of contact, dialogue or meetings with Hamas unless it ends its military coup in Gaza and restores the situation to normal," al-Ahmed said. "Fatah will have no relationship with Hamas on any level."

Poor Babies.

Then again, Hamas has a good friend in Jimmy Carter, who seems to think we should encourage a terror group and not play favorites between Abbas and Fatah.

The United States, Israel and the European Union must end their policy of favoring Fatah over Hamas, or they will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict between the rival movements, former US President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday.

Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was addressing a conference of Irish human rights officials, said the Bush administration's refusal to accept the 2006 election victory of Hamas was "criminal."
As Captain Ed points out, rightly so:

So let's get this straight. Bush's refusal to engage with a terrorist group -- one that has long been on the State Department list of outlawed terrorist organizations -- is "criminal". Wouldn't it literally have been a criminal act to engage with Hamas? Federal law prohibits such direct contacts and the transmission of aid to terrorist groups such as Hamas.

Even more ridiculous, Carter feels that we should applaud the organizational skills of a terrorist group that just murdered its way to the top of the Gaza power structure. He applauds their "superior skills and discipline," while turning a blind eye to the ways in which they apply them. Rather than scold them for using violence to achieve their political goals, Carter wants the global community to welcome and reward them for it.

Jimmy Carter has long been known to favor any terrorist organization, especially since, he, himself is funded by Arab monies.

Bluster aside, Carter’s chief complaint seems to be that anyone who identifies with Israel, whether in the form of individual support or in a more organized capacity, is incapable of grappling honestly with the issues in the Arab-Israeli conflict. But Carter is poorly placed to make this claim. If such connections alone are sufficient to discredit his critics, then by his own logic Carter is undeserving of a hearing. After all, the Carter Center, the combination research and activist project he founded at Emory University in 1982, has for years prospered from the largesse of assorted Arab financiers.


Now that Arafat’s Fatah has been replaced with Hamas, Carter has again proven himself a reliable ally of Palestinian extremism. Scarcely had the terrorist group ascended to power last January than Carter launched a media blitz urging the United States to circumvent its own laws against financing terrorism in order to fund Hamas. As the New York Times put with exquisite finesse, Carter called on Western nations to "redirect their relief aid to United Nations organizations and nongovernmental organizations to skirt legal restrictions” -- that is, to launder money to a terrorist group. When American policymakers declined to heed his advice, and Israel proved unwilling to bankroll the enemy seeking its destruction, Carter promptly denounced the both countries for their “common commitment to eviscerate the government of elected Hamas.”

Jimmy Carter was bought and paid for long ago by terror organizations and has become so irrelevant that the only way he manages to keep himself in the public eye is to show himself as an enemy of our country.

A sad situation for an ex American President to allow himself to become embroidered in, but for Carter, it seems that money is the root of his philosophies and his loyalty can be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

For the record, I believe that Fatah/Abbas is not much better than Hamas, but when given a choice between two evils, you must always choose the one that is less extreme than then the other.

Fatah is willing to acknowledge Israel as mandated by UN resolutions and the international community, Hamas is not.

Fatah, although no great friend to Israel, is willing to sit down and discuss living side by side peacefully with Israel. Hamas is not.

You play the cards that are dealt to you and that is exactly what Israel is going to do, they will encourage and help Fatah and they will continue to isolate Hamas and Hamas can piss and moan all they like, they took the Gaza and it is too late for them to decide that they bit off more than they can chew.

We cannot wait for perfection, it does not exist, we must try to make the best out of a bad situation and encourage peace where we can.

At the moment, Fatah is the best chance for peace between Israel and Palestinians, so we help Fatah as long as they follow the mandates and deliver on their promise of helping create peace between Israel and themselves.

Hamas, in the meantime, can look in from without and suffer the consequences of their actions.