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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Benjamin Fulford – September 30th ‘End Date’ Given To Govt Of China By The White Dragon Society

By Live Free or Die, via All News PipeLine 

In this latest video update from Benjamin Fulford, we learn that the highly secretive ‘White Dragon Society’ has asked the government of China to stop funding the criminal cabal that has taken over America. Fulford even gives a date, the 30th of September, as the potential ‘end date’ as the fiscal year ends on that date and further funding of the cabal would enable them to not only continue their acts of war and terror around the world but also provide them with the opportunity to ATTACK China! Will September 30th be a date of substantial importance or will the bottom have fallen out well prior to then with September 11th around the corner and talk of terror reverberating throughout the MSM and alternative news?

Directly from Fulford: It was explained that rolling over the rogue US corporate governments’ debts after its September 30th fiscal year end would finance a regime that plans to invade and partition China. It would also keep propping up a group of gangsters that is financing terror and mass murder around the world. The Chinese were also prolonging the suffering of the American people by keeping them addicted to snowballing foreign debt, he was told. The WDS told the agent said that if the Chinese government failed to act on this advice it would show they actually worked for the Nazionists.