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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Ebola Co-Discoverer: "Everybody Is Now At Risk"

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

>For those that wave away the theory that this latest Ebola outbreak could very well be man-made as some type of bio warfare or a test of multiple engineered strains, only have to look at some of the dire warnings and statements from Dr. Peter Piot, who co-discovered Ebola. Dr. Piot makes it very clear that this strain, this outbreak, is not behaving as any other outbreak of this deadly virus has before, and that it is hopping around, especially in Liberia, Guinea and sierra Leone, according to ABC News.

"The epidemic is now so vast and so extensive that one should consider that in the three (hardest-hit) countries, everybody is now at risk and it won't be over until the last case has survived and six weeks have passed," said Piot, who runs London's School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

According to the same report, Doctors Without Borders shuttered a facility in an area where they believed they had beaten the Ebola virus back and it is now surging again in one of the first places the outbreak first surfaced. Marc Poncin, the emergency coordinator for Doctors Without Borders in Guinea says "Everything we do is too small and too late. We're always running after the epidemic."

While Piot speaks to the three hardest hit countries, news has broken that over 1,000 people in India are now being tracked after returning from Ebola affected areas, and in the last 24 hours, 201 passengers from the affected countries have arrived at the airports of Mumbai (88), Delhi (58), Chennai (24), Bangalore (15), Kochi (11), Thiruvananthapuram (4) and Kolkata (1).

Then we have another anomaly reported by Reuters which highlights a newly created map that shows that "at risk" areas for "zoonotic events," meaning the virus jumping from animals to humans, is far larger than originally believed and that "large swathes of central Africa as well as the western part of the continent have traits of what the scientists called 'the zoonotic niche' for Ebola."

According to latest data from the World Health Organisation (WHO), almost 2,100 have died from Ebola in the current West Africa outbreak, which has infected at least 4,000 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Senegal. The WHO says it will take months to bring the epidemic under control and is warning there may be up to 20,000 cases before it is stopped.

Another new report states that a patient in Miami, Florida, who has been tested for Ebola due to Ebola-like symptoms, is being retested after the initial test came back negative... with the assertion that the patient, who is not being named, is being retested "to be sure."

With International travel and Ebola symptoms with one of the current strains, because "coincidently," there is another outbreak in the Congo that officials claim is not related to the one in west Africa, taking up to three weeks to manifest, it has been said that there could be a three week lull before an explosion of cases could be seen worldwide.

What are the odds of multiple strains causing outbreaks that are claimed to be "unrelated" in different areas, with experts bluntly stating this Ebola virus is not acting in a manner seen before,  without this being deliberate and man-made?