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Thursday, September 11, 2014

ANP Hot News.....Around the Web For September 11, 2014

By Susan Duclos

Links to Hot News.... Around the Web, via All News PipeLine

Obama's New War on ISIS May Be Illegal

Britain, Germany: We won’t take part in Syria air strikes

DHS Fines American – But Not Illegals – $5,000 For Crossing Border

Barack, We Hardly Knew YeJim Willie: “It’s Not Going To Hang On For A Whole Lot Longer”

Ebola’s Terrifying EvolutionMillions more at risk in Ebola outbreak

250K Virginians to Lose Health Care Due to Obamacare

Woman handed bomb bag in AFP bungle

7 charged in gang-related machete attack caught on camera in Chicago

Ebola evacuations to US greater than previously known

Russian gas supplies to Poland drop further

Malaysia Airlines Whodunnit Still a Mystery

Man arrested for drugs after butt-dialing 911

Russia developing new nuclear weapons

America Is On The Verge Of Losing Its Place In The World

It’s time to back away from the Russian wolf

Hidden Monuments Reveal 'Stonehenge Is Not Alone'

Millions of Gmail accounts hacked

Scientists: "Extreme" Solar Storm Heading To Earth

'Armed patriots': the private citizens out to secure the U.S. border

Can we bring prehistoric bovines back from extinction?