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Monday, September 08, 2014

"Watch For It, It's Coming" - 'Mystery' Illness Now In 10 States And Spreading - Brought To The US Via Open Borders!

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

After writing about an "unidentified, mystery" respiratory illness that is attacking children, having spread to five states, just days later we see that it is now suspected in no less than 10 states, as well as the belief of experts that it is the human enterovirus 68 aka HEV68 or EV68, which news reports are still claiming is supposedly very "rare."  The ten states with suspected cases are Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia, with each state requesting CDC support.

The claim, as shown from an ABC News, is that medical experts have "no idea why it showed up this year."

"This is a very common time for outbreaks. Kids come back to school, they like to share things, they bring them home to their little brothers and sisters, and enteroviruses tend to occur in the summer," Besser said. "But this one, this particular Enterovirus 68, is very rare and they have no idea why it showed up this year."

I call BS.

Recently the Daily Mail published a map, a very interesting map,showing that illegal immigrant children, to the tune of over 66,000 have been apprehended, detailing where 37,000 of them have been sent throughout the US, and the Obama administration hiding from Congress where the rest were sent and their present day locations.

Amazingly enough, or perhaps I should say, brazenly enough, the ABC News report does mention "borders," but only in reference to our own state borders and how this won't respect them so it is likely to spread to every US state. "Viruses don't tend to respect borders," ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said. "It is only 10 states now, but it's going to be across the country. So if your state doesn't have it now, watch for it, it's coming."

Absolutely no mention of the rapid spread of a number of illnesses brought across the border, which have already been documented at length from a variety of sources, which include tuberculosis (TB), Chagas disease, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, measles and more.

The first video below captures a news report on this "mystery" illness in Colorado and the subsequent videos detail the previous warnings and accounts of these illegal immigrant children that have now been spread across the US and the diseases they have been bringing into America which is now attacking our nation's children.

The bottom line here is by staying silent, by not connecting the dots for their readers and viewers, the MSM is complicit in every single death caused by this because they are either too stupid to connect the dots or even worse, they are deliberately hiding this information in an attempt to further a political agenda, so the masses won't stand up and demand a stop to the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the US borders.

Either way, the blood of these deathly ill children is directly on their hands.