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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chilling Apocalyptic Endgame Message

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

Apocalyptic predictions, murder and mayhem, martyrdom and invasion..... all part of the endgame message that ISIS propagates in their chilling, professional-looking magazine that is released in multiple languages to recruit supporters and jihadists across the world.

The message is war, jihad.... "Armageddon," as evidenced by the title itself, DABIQ, named after a northern town of Syria, and it's 50 pages are filled with their stated purpose and ultimate goals, such as "The Muslims today have a loud, thundering statement, and possess heavy boots. They have a statement to make that will cause the world to hear and understand the meaning of terrorism, and boots that will trample the idol of nationalism, destroy the idol of democracy, and uncover its deviant nature.”

An explanation of the name of the magazine in the first issue outlines the apocalyptic message and makes sense of some of the destructive images of a world in destruction that are common across the publication’s three issues. “This place (Dabiq) was mentioned in a hadith describing some of the events of the Malahim (what is sometimes referred to as Armageddon in English). One of the greatest battles between the Muslims and the crusaders will take place near Dabiq,” it reads.

Celebrating jihad through martyrdom, images of death and destruction alongside news, anti-US propaganda as well as messages from "Allah," all filled the pages for this powerful recruiting tool, that some report has managed to gain ISIS 6,000 news fighters, including 1,000 foreigners in the month of July alone.

Their goal is simple...  Apocalypse, the end times which they believe will bring about the redeemer of Islam, the Mahdi to rid the world of evil.