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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Australia cracks down in the GWOT

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For anybody who still clings to the notion that terrorism is local - 'over there' - and doesn't affect the global population, today comes this story out of Australia.

From Homeland Security NewsWire:

Two ISIS supporters arrested in Australia for planning a public beheading in Sydney
18 September 2014

Earlier this morning (Thursday), the Australian security services, conducting the largest counterterrorism raids in the Australia’s history, arrested fifteen ISIS supporters, charging two of them with planning to grab an Australian citizen and publicly behead him on a Sydney street – while filming the operation for posting on social media. The government says about 100 Australians are actively engaged in activities within Australia aiming to support extremist Islamist groups — recruiting fighters, grooming suicide bomber candidates, and providing funds and equipment.

Since 8 August, when the United States launched its air campaign againstISIS targets in Iraq while, at the same time, trying to put together an international coalition to fight and defeat the Islamist group, senior members of Islamic State have been urging the group’s supporters in the West to carry out attacks against citizens of states likely to join the U.S.-led coalition.

Australia’s prime minister Tony Abbott, speaking earlier today (Thursday) after the largest counterterrorism raids in the Australia’s history, said that ISIS called on its supporters in Australia to grab citizens in Australia’s major cities and behead them in public.

The planned public attack would have been similar to the murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldiers who was attacked and killed in May 2013 by two Nigerian-born Muslim converts near the Royal Artillery Barracks in southeast London....

Much more here, but the raids were actually far wider-reaching than that column details.  Take a look here:   Horrific Terror Plot In Australia: Beheadings Of Random Members of Public Planned

Another ISIS related story, featuring a captured British journalist, demonstrates the globally insidious reach of these terrorist murdering thugs:  Third British hostage appears in shocking new ISIS propaganda video urging UK to negotiate with terror group