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Sunday, September 07, 2014

US "Has Gone Totally Insane" All By Design

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

Hagmann & Hagmann is joined by Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen for a show that is a blockbuster by any standard, where both Quayle and Evensen reveal information from multiple inside sources regarding the events that are hitting us from all sides that when taken together, brings us to the "inescapable conclusion"  that none of this is happening by accident and all of it has been preplanned.

Topics include but are not limited to; The Ebola crisis and biological warfare where different strains are being seen in multiple countries in west Africa; Germany and France in talks with Russia to drop out of the European Union; Internal terrorists and sleeper cells in the US; The border crisis which is allowing untold amounts of more terrorists into America; Fukushima destroying the Pacific and the west coast; The media's complicity in the murder of millions, perhaps even billions; Weather warfare with increasing earthquakes and global volcanism; The US becoming a "habitation of devils"; Russia, Ukraine, NATO and the preemptive nuclear strike doctrine .... and so much more that it leads Quayle to declare that this nation [America] "has gone totally insane."

The information provided in this show from Quayle and Evensen's intelligence sources, will send chills down your spine.

Via the podcast details:

Most Americans have become "Zombified" and oblivious to the current state of war against the citizens of the U.S., and all citizens in the West as a confluence of preplanned events begin to accelerate to an orchestrated, life changing end of the lifestyles and freedoms to which we've become accustomed. There is a palpable escalation of events that lead to the inescapable conclusion that none of this is happening by accident, but by plan. We have been engaged in a covert global war by proxy, however this global war is now beginning to become more overt as situations continue to heat-up in Ukraine, Syria and all across the Middle East. The globalists are pushing and instituting their technocracy through gunboat diplomacy, tied directly to the U.S. dollar, which is facing its own death at the hands of these neo-Satanic globalists. America's sovereignty and very existence is at stake. The United States military is being systematically dismantled from within by these same Satanic globalists who are creating untenable positions for those who reject orders of subjugation to a world power. Ranking officers within the military who refuse to forsake their oaths to the U.S. Constitution are being dispelled and identified as threats. Military personnel are beginning to realize their expendability, and might soon experience the same under this regime of tyranny. There is the pathogenic Ebola nightmare that is taking place throughout Africa and in select cities across the world that also threatens us in the U.S. and all across the West. Medical surveillance of the various Ebola variations suggest potential if not real weaponization. We are witnessing the convergence of events, a series of preplanned and orchestrated crises, that will impact every listener to this program. We need to be in a state of spiritual, mental and practical state of readiness as everything is in motion for the crescendo of events.