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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Lt. Col.: Obama Has "Psychological" Problem" And "Can't Face Responsibilities Of His Office"

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joins Sean Hannity in the first video below to provide a damning judgement on Barack Obama, specifically Obama's claim that he wasn't aware of the rise of ISIS or the threat they posed, despite Obama being briefed for over a year by the intelligence community, Obama ignored those briefings, because he simply didn't want to know, according to Peters. He goes on to assert that he believes Barack Obama has a "real psychological problem," and that he "he can’t face responsibility, and certainly not the responsibilities of his office."

The second clip is when Peters joins Megyn Kelly on the Kelly File where Peters explains Obama's disconnect, stating Obama has a "psychological aversion" to bearing responsibility and making decisions, as he details what he has observed of Obama's actions, or lack thereof, public statements and strange reactions.

That brings us to a troubling report by DW Ulsterman which claims that DC sources describe a phone call between the British Prime Minister and Barack Obama as "Bizarre."  The report states  the PM had to wait 20 minutes before he could be connected and Obama was "nearly incoherent”, slurring his words heavily and even at one point “giggling as the Prime Minister struggled to focus the conversation on the terrorist threats in the Middle East."

The President of the United States was said to be "out of it" during a conversation that has staff for the Prime Minister privately describing to their D.C. counterparts as "bizarre."Listen to Peters below.