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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Two Generals Issue New Warnings! Rick Wiles TruNews With Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney And Retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely

By Live Free or Die, via All News PipeLine

Rick Wiles is joined by Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney and retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely in a jam-packed brand new show from TruNews. With ISIS coming up into America via our southern border and intelligence sources warning that they now have the means to blow airliners out of the sky as warned in the 2nd video below (an exclusive Dr. Jim Garrow interview with Susan Duclos and myself ), McInerney tells Rick why America should go to DEFCON 1 immediately while Vallely warns Rick that a constitutional crisis is quickly approaching which might require the U.S. military to take domestic action to save the Republic!

Wiles goes into today’s top headlines at the 7 minute 20 second mark after his introductory remarks. McInerney and Vallely join Wiles shortly after the 18 minute mark for a surreal conversation about this America we are now living in, an America that has turned out much differently than these two men, who have dedicated their lives to protecting Americans, thought it would have…and what we may soon be facing ahead.

Originally published at BIN