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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Army Report: Prepare Troops To Occupy NYC And Other "Megacities" - Police State USSA?

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

With the unforgettable images of militarized police in Ferguson, Missouri, still in the minds of Americans, videos and photos of a city in lockdown, de facto martial law imposed, curfews set and journalists arrested as those overzealous police made no distinction between vandals and looters from unarmed protesters and reporters, a newly released 28 page U.S. Army report which urges for preparations to be made for troops to occupy "megacities" around the world, including those in America, along with recently released images of US Troops in NYC on September 10, and a military style helicopter reportedly landing in downtown Dallas, and pictures showing a strange military presence in Florida, should give everyone pause for concern.

Photo above- Strange military activity in Florida

The report, titled "Megacities and the United States Army," warns that American troops need to be prepared to enter NYC and other "global megacities," due to “unrest,” “income disparity,” “natural disasters,” and “illicit networks” or anything else that might challenge the power of the government.

Photo above of military on the streets of NYC

Given the recent optics that have inundated US citizens in recent months, perhaps the most concerning sentence in the report, is the one that states this military occupation could be needed as soon as "tomorrow." Actual quote from the report is "It is plausible that the Army could be called to act in one of these places tomorrow. As their size and importance grows, it becomes probable."
This disturbing report is detailed more in the videos below and the full 28 page US Army report is embedded below the videos.