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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

China Warns Of World War 3

By Susan Duclos, Via All News PipeLine

Lee Ann Mcadoo and Paul Joseph Watson discuss a variety of disturbing current events in the video below, but perhaps the most concerning of them all is the news that in the Chinese state-run People's Daily, a dire warning is issued by PLA Professor Han Xudong, who states that China should prepare for a "third world war," which would stem from the conflict between the United States and Russia over Ukraine.

Via InfoWars:

As the Ukrainian crisis deepens, international observers have become more and more concerned about a direct military clash between the US and Russia. Once an armed rivalry erupts, it is likely to extend to the globe. And it is not impossible that a world war could break out,” writes Xudong, noting that “the world has entered an era of new forms of global war” based around the Internet and the concept of sea power.

From economic woes to military conflicts, the Ebola virus to ISIS, events are spiraling out of control, current events in the headlines read like a horror movie, chilling in their intensity and when looked at together, show a world on the very edge of collapse.