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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Will Weiner Pull Out? Late Night Jokes, Limp Support, And More (Hysterical Videos)

By Susan Duclos

Even serious reporting on Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner's junk problem lends itself to ridicule because every word has to be parsed so that unintentional wordplay isn't used, although the temptation is irresistible to some, as evidenced by Drudge headlines, such as Support from New York Democrats goes limp.

The Hill is where that link takes us to, and the first paragraph, " New York Democrats are growing weary of their former colleague, Anthony Weiner, as he charges headlong into New York City’s mayoral race despite new revelations of tawdry behavior," gives way to jokes about the word headlong that practically write themselves.

Late night talk show hosts "poke" fun at Weiner and his junk and yes, the title of that video included the word poke.

The Young Turks spend 8 minutes discussing the whole scandal and how before, during and after the scandal, Weiner was still sexting and sending photos even as he was claiming that behavior was behind him. In one part of The Young Turks video, the host mentions how if Weiner pulls out, he won't be able to go back in.... resulting in snickers of his filming crew.

Weiner has turned New York into more of a joke than Michael Bloomberg has, leading to one person saying to me "Is New York really going to replace one weiner with another weiner?