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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thousands In Germany Protest NSA Spying : 1984 Is Now! (Video and Photos)

By Susan Duclos

Thousands of German's are taking to the streets of Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and up to 35 other German cities and towns, to protest the invasive spying of Internet users by the NSA, and the alleged part German officials have played in cooperation with the U.S.

Reports are being seen of protesters wearing tinfoil hats, carrying signs that say "Stop Watching Us," with others stating "Standing Against Prism."

The details below the RT video titled '1984 is now!': Germans protest Berlin's NSA spying role on Snowden Day, read: "Privacy rights activists have demonstrated across Germany against U.S. worldwide surveillance - and Berlin's role in it. The revelations by Edward Snowden, have ignited public anger among Germans who say that their government let them down - as RT's Peter Oliver reports."

Not only has Barack Obama infuriated Americans and divided them, he is also now causing division within other countries.