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Monday, July 29, 2013

Tow Truck Tows Away Children, Father Gets Charged With Child Abandonment (Video)

By Susan Duclos

A Houston man, Victor Ruiz, parked his car in a no parking zone just long enough to run his groceries up into his apartment and left his two daughters in the car while doing so, in full view of neighbors.

A tow truck driver spotted the car parked illegally and quickly hooked it up and towed it away, with the children inside. It took the tow truck drivers two miles to realize the children were inside of the car.

According to a local report, neighbors tried to stop the tow truck driver. Sade Jones tells "When he pulled into the apartments, he hurried up and hooked his thing on the car. I'm, like, 'Wait! Them kids in the car.' He snapped the picture and hurry up and sped off with these peoples' cars."

Ruiz was arrested and charged with two counts of abandoning a child and Jones doesn't agree with the charges, the arrest nor the $4,000 bond set for Ruiz, and asks KTRH’s television partner Local 2, "How did he abandon a child if a whole bunch of people (were) around watching his car?"