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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy National Junk Food Day! July 21, 2013 (Videos)

By Susan Duclos

Today is the day-  July 21, 2013, which is considered the unofficial, yet acknowledged National Junk Food Day.

Throw out your veggies, pull out your chips, toss out your diet and forget about your hips.

Think I am kidding, just Google "National Junk Food Day," it is real, it is here.

Head over to for some fun National Junk Food facts, including my favorite, shown below.

Today, the average American eats about 24.5 pounds of candy per year, with almost half of that made with some variation of chocolate.

Then head over  move right on along to YouTub,e who offers seven different video recipes in their YouTube Spotlight of National Junk Food Day, for those that cannot get to the store for their junk food fix.

My favorite is shown below... How To Make Thin and Crispy Potato Chips.

Enjoy your munchies folks and while you are shoving those chips into your mouth, listen below to a classic - Junk Food Junkie!