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Saturday, July 27, 2013

$10 Million Bounty Could All Come Down To Bigfoot Poo? (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Months ago Spike TV announced a new show that would airing "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty," which will be hosted by actor Dean Cain,

The show is offering $10 million for undeniable proof of the existence of Bigfoot and in a recent interview, the  Senior Vice President of Original Series at Spike TV,  Chris Rantamaki, laughingly reveals that the $10 million bounty could all come down to Bigfoot poo and DNA.

"When I saw this, it truly blew my mind. It's not my world, but there's all different kinds of DNA, obviously, like hair, fur, saliva, stuff that maybe scraped off onto branches … scat is obviously a very big piece [of evidence] in the woods. And for the scat, it's so crazy that it can be determined, within several hours, what animal it has come from, very specifically, through the DNA sequencing. And even when samples are found, our experts have this knowledge … and in the lab, there's a textbook that is just filled with pictures of various kinds of scat, from every animal. It shows the picture of the animal, the shape of the scat … it's all really crazy, but hearing all these folks talk about it is fascinating."  (Source)

So, finding Bigfoot really could come down to poo?

"Yes," Rantamaki said, laughing.

Of course, this brings up the obvious point that if no proof already exists, no sample Bigfoot DNA, then tests can rule out species and animals, but how can DNA proof be determined with nothing to compare it with?

Still YouTube is now full of videos marked Bigfoot proof for Spike TV, starting since the original announcement of the show which will start airing in January 2014.