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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Subway Menu- I'll Have a Penis Sub And A Bottle Of Urine, Please" (Video and Photos)

By Susan Duclos

A Subway "sandwich artist" proudly posted an Instagram photo of his penis placed on top of sandwich bread used to make their famous subs for customers. Another photo of a water bottle said to have frozen urine in it was also posted on social media.

The man making the penis sandwich claims he didn't do it at work and it was "totally a joke," but the other man, with the bottled urine says that was done in the Subway store.

The two men are Cameron Boggs and Ian Jett.

Other photos show sub bread shaped in the form of penises and testicles.

According to statement issued by Subway, both men were fired after the story broke.

The statement reads "This isolated incident is not representative of SUBWAY Sandwich Artists™. These actions are not tolerated and the franchisee took immediate action to terminate the two employees involved. "

So remember, the next time you head into a Subway, if you ever do again after seeing the video and photos below, remember to ask for a Penis Sub and a bottle of frozen urine... yum.