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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Recent Cow Mutilations Bring Up Wild Theories Of Aliens (Videos)

By Susan Duclos

With reports in the news every single day on the sick things human beings do, one has to wonder why one of the first theories floated when the strange and unexplained happens, is UFO's and aliens.

For example, July 9, and July 19, 2013, rancher Lyn Mitchell of Henry County, Missouri, found two cows mutilated with reproductive organs and other parts cut out, yet a lack of blood that should be associated with wounds of this kind.

This follows the same type of finding by Ms. Mitchell, in December 2011.

As TheBlaze points out, animal mutilations have occurred and remained unexplained, shown in documents from the FBI’s “vault,” where incidents like this were blamed on a number of things, including “some kind of witchcraft cult” and UFOs were cited as possibilities in newspaper articles.

Because of this history, Mitchell has reported these latest cow mutilations to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and says she is not ruling out aliens as the cause.

In the videos below, Mitchell describes the latest two unexplained incidents.

One of Mitchell’s mutilated cows. (Image: YouTube screenshot)