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Monday, July 22, 2013

Incredible 2013 Bigfoot Footage (Video) Truth Or Hoax?

By Susan Duclos

According to the Bigfoot library, the legend's origins started in the Indidan myth of "Sasquatch," and the first sighting by a white man was in 1811, by David Thompson. Many sightings have been debunked or proven as hoaxes and many cannot be proven or disproven either way.

Websites are dedicated to recording every Bigfoot sighting and have databases including multiple sightings in 49 states within America.

The most common descriptions include a being that is 7 to 9 foot tall, 600 to 900 pounds with a footprint spanning 14 inches by 7 inches, with no arch.

The latest sighting in 2013 comes from<5 miles north of Blue Ridge, GA and the captured video was submitted to Legends Beware on July 12, 2013.

Watch below and decide for yourself, truth or hoax?