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Friday, July 19, 2013

Trayvon Supporters Get Punked By Fake 'Zimmerman Is Dead' Tweet, Dance On His Nonexistent Grave

By Susan Duclos

You have to love Twitchy, they have their proverbial fingers on the pulse of Twitter and they found that a fake account pretending to be TMZ and then another fake Fox News account, both issued tweets claiming "Breaking News: George Zimmerman has been found dead in a hotel room."

It didn't take long for Trayvon supporters to start dancing on Zimmerman's nonexistent grave.

Thanks for the entertainment Twitchy!!!

We already knew there were some sick people on Twitter, after all before the not guilty verdict was even rendered, reports, as the one shown in the video below, showed Trayvon tweeters issuing death threats against Zimmerman if he were to be found innocent of the charges against him.