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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video- Obama Admits Romney's Argument Against Him Is Valid

By Susan Duclos

CBS’s Charlie Rose: “But suppose, I mean he clearly will say, let's look at your record. Let’s look at the fact that unemployment is at 8.2 percent. It is unlikely to change. Let's look at how effective the stimulus was.”
Obama: “Right.”
Rose: “Let's look at your management of the economy.”
Obama: “Exactly.”
Rose: “Yes, it was a bad hand you were dealt, but you have not made it to what it ought to be.”
Obama: “Right.”
Rose: “That is the centrality of their campaign.”
Obama: “Exactly. That is his argument and you don't hear me complaining about him making that argument, because if I was in his shoes I’d be making the same argument.”
(CBS’s “Face The Nation,” 7/15/12)


Obama then goes on to claim he "did alot" in his first four years and asks "which vision – mine or Mr. Romney’s – is most likely to deliver," to the middle class?"

According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, 63 percent of believe the country is heading in the wrong direction under Obama.

In the discussion above, Obama admits the 8.2 percent unemployment is unlikely to change in the near future.

Of course Obama would be making the same argument if he were in Romney's shoes, it is a valid argument.

Give me four more years to head in the same direction the majority of you feel is the wrong direction, is not exactly persuasive.