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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Note To Romney- More Capitalism Discussion Please

By Susan Duclos

An excellent piece over at New York Times from David Brooks and his conclusion paragraphs are something Mitt Romney needs to touting, loudly and continuously.

Romney is going to have to define a vision of modern capitalism. He’s going to have to separate his vision from the scandals and excesses we’ve seen over the last few years. He needs to define the kind of capitalist he is and why the country needs his virtues. 

Let’s face it, he’s not a heroic entrepreneur. He’s an efficiency expert. It has been the business of his life to take companies that were mediocre and sclerotic and try to make them efficient and dynamic. It has been his job to be the corporate version of a personal trainer: take people who are puffy and self-indulgent and whip them into shape. 

That’s his selling point: rigor and productivity. If he can build a capitalist vision around that, he’ll thrive. If not, he’s a punching bag.

The United States is like one huge business that is failing, losing money, wasting money, spending money we do not have.

Romney's strength is that he has made a career of taking failing businesses and turned them around into growing enterprises.

So, Mr. Romney, let's discuss capitalism please.