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Friday, July 27, 2012

Disillusioned Obama Voter Michael Goldstein, Democrat: 'this time I am going to vote for a Republican'

By Susan Duclos

Former Obama supporter, Michael Goldstein, has lent his voice to the Republican Jewish Coalition in an ad that will be used in a $6.5 million "Buyer's Remorse" campaign that will be aimed at key Jewish areas in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

 As Mr. Goldstein makes very clear at the end of the ad, he is a lifetime Democrat who has never voted for a Republican and he says "this time I am going to vote for a Republican."


Other than Mr. Goldstein's criticism of Obama's disrespect for Israel and Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, he also sites Obama's economic failures as a reason he will not voter for Obama in 2012 and why he is suffering from Buyer's Remorse for his 2008 support of Obama.

Via Washington Post's The Fact Checker:

“I was a big Obama supporter. I had a fundraiser in my home, gave money to his campaign. I really believed in him and believed in what he stood for. When he gave the speech about the ‘67 borders, it was nothing that had come up in his campaign originally. That really changed my mind about him. When he had the prime minister of Israel, [Benjamin] Netanyahu, to the White House…he was disrespectful to him to the point that I’d never seen.”

— Disillusioned Obama voter Michael Goldstein, in an ad by the Republican Jewish Coalition

 They also point to an interview where Mr. Goldstein once said about Obama "That was not the man I voted for. I thought I was voting for a better version of Bill Clinton."

Democratic pollsters are on record as having acknowledged that any loss of Jewish support for Obama could create problems in states like Florida, one of the states the ad above and others like it, will be aired.