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Monday, July 16, 2012

Quote Of The Day- Jennifer Rubin: 'Obama team has shot its wad'

By Susan Duclos

Jennifer Rubin over at Washington Post explains why July Panic has set in for the Obama administration and why he continues to repeat the same lies that have been debunked, rated as four Pinocchio and outright lies by fact check organizations and the level of desperation being seen by the Obama campaign, heading towards the November presidential election.

His campaign is spending more than it is taking in (same as the country), Romney has raised more money two straight months in a row and polling shows it hasn't given Obama the bounce over Romney that the campaign was hoping for.

Her conclusion:

So the Obama team has shot its wad. Its opponent has more ammo and more money now. Romney hasn’t been mortally wounded. And there isn’t money from Obama to keep up the 4-to-1 spending barrage. In fact without it, Obama might well have fallen behind in the race. So the Obama team pleads for money and turns up the volume of the attacks. (After calling Romney a criminal in July, what’s left for September and October?)

Obama is now committed to a strategy that isn’t working. He’s left to unleash his attack dogs and to pray for a miracle. Maybe the economy will rebound. Perhaps Romney will implode or pick a Sarah-Palin-type for vice president.

The reason, you see, that Obama’s camp has become so frantic in July is that its ineffectiveness in the summer subjects its side to grave risks. Having to defend his record, rely on his debate prowess and be evaluated on the economy over the last three years is as risky as, well, as sending thousands across a vast, empty field as enemy fire rains down upon them.

The whole detailed piece is worth a read, but that one sentence definitely gets "quote of the day."