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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Obama Runs Campaign Like He Runs The Country- Spends More Than He Collects

By Susan Duclos

Two sentences from two paragraphs of an Associated Press report,  show clearly why Mitt Romney would make a better President than Barack Obama

1.)  Competing fiercely to keep the presidency, Obama reported more than $46 million in June and total spending of $58 million.

2.)  Romney, during the same period, reported receipts of $33 million and spending of $27.5 million for June.

One spends more than he collects, the other stays within budget.

Obama did the same thing in May, according to USA Today

That is a pattern.

For those who consider the economy the number one issue in the upcoming November presidential election, the choice should be clear for which candidate understands you cannot consistently spend more than you collect.

It is that simple.