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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wealth Redistribution: Theft Or Service?

By Susan Duclos

Quick teaser and pointer to an opinion article that clearly articulates the difference between liberals and conservatives and the immorality of wealth distribution.

Now let’s assume that on your way to the grocer someone approaches you and demands, through threats or coercion, that you give him five dollars. He then takes the money and hands it to a homeless person.

The question has to be asked; did the person who handed your money to the homeless person serve his fellow man, or was his action theft?

The liberal would say that the person who took your money and gave it to a homeless person was serving his fellow man. The conservative would call that behavior theft. Although the homeless person benefited from the money, even though he doesn't perform a service, the fruit of your service is lost forever and therefore negated.

That’s what our entitlement society does every day. The government takes, by threats or coercion, your certificates of performance (your hard-earned money) and gives it to those who don’t come close to the standard of service that you do. They do that through confiscatory taxation.

Society has been falling into moral decline for decades, ever since the government has started taking wealth from the producers (those who serve their fellow man) and redistributing it to others.
Charity is not the business of government. It is the responsibility of individuals and faith-based organizations. And job creators provide us the ability to become more charitable as our standard of living increases. Therefore the job creators are serving their fellow man in a far greater capacity than government.

Spot On.