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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama Pioneers Outsourcing With American Taxpayer Stimulus Funds

By Susan Duclos

The audacity and hypocrisy being shown by Barack Obama in his desperation for something, anything to turnaround his dwindling reelection chances, is amazing.

In Virginia, in the pouring rain, Barack Obama said "Mr. Romney’s got a different idea. He invested in companies that have been called pioneers in outsourcing. I don’t want a pioneer in outsourcing. I want some insourcing."

Once again, the facts run contrary to Obama's rhetoric, when it was Barack Obama, using taxpayer money from his stimulus plan to "outsource" and stimulate economies overseas, gave jobs to foreign workers while unemployment here is America remains over 8 percent for 41 straight months.

  • After receiving a $500 million stimulus loan guarantee, Fisker Automotive is producing their $100,000 luxury electric sports car in Finland.  (“Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars in Finland,” ABC News, 10/20/11)
  •  Nearly Half of President Obama’s $2.4 billion devoted to advanced vehicle batteries went to foreign companies in places like Russia, China, South Korea and France.  (“Obama Sends Stimulus Aid to Foreign Firms,” Washington Times, 8/6/09)
  • Sempra Energy was awarded a $337-million loan guarantee to supply panels for a solar power plant in Arizona.  However, the company purchased its solar panels from the Chinese solar giant Suntech.  (“Sempra Gets $337 Million Guarantee for Arizona Solar Project,” Bloomberg News, 9/28/11)
  • Two South Korean companies – LG Chem and Dow Kokam -- were given $303 million to produce car batteries in the U.S., but then brought in foreign workers.  Local unions have criticized the company for filling jobs with foreign workers.  (“Unions Say Foreign Workers Taking Stimulus Jobs,” CBS News, 4/13/12)
  • “An April 2010 study by the Energy Department found that 60 percent of the 40 largest wind farms then financed by the stimulus relied on foreign manufacturers for their central components, including turbines.” (“Obama’s Record on Outsourcing Draws Criticism from the Left,” The Washington Post, 7/9/12)
  • California-based Tezo Systems lost its bid for a ‘stimulus’-funded grant to install television monitors on California buses to a New Zealand company. (“Santa Clarita Rejects Protest, New Zealand Company Keeps Stimulus Contract,” NBC4 Los Angeles, 5/16/12)
  • A federal investigation found that “at least $7 million in federal stimulus money intended to provide jobs to unemployed Oregonians instead paid wages to 254 foreign workers.” (“Federal Stimulus Money for Oregon Jobs Hired Foreign Workers,” The Oregonian, 10/20/12)

 (Source- website)

Amazing that Barack Obama would even go there when he used American's hard earned money to outsource and on accusations against Mitt Romney that have already been debunked, multiple times by fact checking organizations.

Washington Post, The Fact Checker- 4 Pinocchios for Obama’s newest anti-Romney ad Obama’s ‘Outsourcer’ Overreach- "The president's campaign fails to back up its claims that Romney 'shipped jobs' overseas."

Washington Post, The Fact Checker- Obama’s new attacks on Romney and outsourcing