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Friday, July 20, 2012

IRS Really Is Obama's Gestapo Now - IRS Targets Romney Donor After Obama Publicly Targets Him

By Susan Duclos

Maine's Governor Paul LePage caught quite a bit of flack for comments saying  the IRS would be used as Obama's "gestapo", he later apologized for those comments.

He shouldn't have.

Quick background on Obama's enemies hit list. 

Back in late April Wake up America pointed to a piece by Wall Street Journal's Kim Strassel who pointed out that Barack Obama created a list of Romney donors, published it on one of his campaign websites, and accused them of betting against America, targeting them as Obama enemies.

That was followed up in mid-may with the story of one of those Obama targets, Frank VanderSloot, and how Obama's naming him an enemy of America, for donating to Mitt Romney, had harmed his business.

Fast forward to today and Strassel explains what has happened to VanderSloot since then.

Mr. VanderSloot has since been learning what it means to be on a presidential enemies list. Just 12 days after the attack, the Idahoan found an investigator digging to unearth his divorce records. This bloodhound—a recent employee of Senate Democrats—worked for a for-hire opposition research firm.

Now Mr. VanderSloot has been targeted by the federal government. In a letter dated June 21, he was informed that his tax records had been "selected for examination" by the Internal Revenue Service. The audit also encompasses Mr. VanderSloot's wife, and not one, but two years of past filings (2008 and 2009).

Mr. VanderSloot, who is 63 and has been working since his teens, says neither he nor his accountants recall his being subject to a federal tax audit before. He was once required to send documents on a line item inquiry into his charitable donations, which resulted in no changes to his taxes. But nothing more—that is until now, shortly after he wrote a big check to a Romney-supporting Super PAC.

Two weeks after receiving the IRS letter, Mr. VanderSloot received another—this one from the Department of Labor. He was informed it would be doing an audit of workers he employs on his Idaho-based cattle ranch under the federal visa program for temporary agriculture workers. 

 Governor LePage may have been speaking of a different situation, namely Obamacare, but he was spot on-  IRS Really Is Obama's Gestapo Now.

[Update] PS- Gestapo:

 The Geheime Staatspolizei (German for Secret State Police, abbreviated “Gestapo”) was the secret police of Nazi Germany, and its main tool of oppression and destruction, which persecuted Germans, opponents of the regime, and Jews.

The Gestapo did not only go after Jews, they went after "opponents of the regime".......  just as Obama targeted VanderSloot of doing.

Anyone who thinks this is just a coincidence, well, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, call me!