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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Video- Best RNC Ad Of This Campaign Season: 'It’s OK to make a change'

By Susan Duclos

The GOP has come up with a campaign ad that strikes the at the very heart of the argument for electing Mitt Romney and voting against Barack Obama.

The economy and unemployment. The two issues that Americans, registered and likely voters, say will be their top influence in the 2012 presidential election.

[WATCH] - "It's OK"


 President Obama came to the White House with big plans. He’d halve the deficit. Strengthen the economy. Lower unemployment. What did we get? National Debt over 15 trillion and climbing. Unemployment above 8 percent for 40 straight months. An ongoing economic crisis with no end in sight. He tried. You tried. It’s OK to make a change.

Undeniably factual.

PS- This ad spoken of with fear by some liberals, and is somehow racist, according to one Wapo writer, which means it must be good because when they cannot address an issue, they always scream racism.

"..........And every time I have seen it, I get an uneasy feeling. The same feeling you get when you think you hear water dripping somewhere but can’t find it. To ignore it is to risk disaster, which is exactly what will happen to Democrats if they ignore the power of this ad."


By telling potential voters “It’s OK to make a change,” the RNC is acknowledging all that I mention above. It’s OK to like the guy personally but not vote for him again. This is not a popularity contest. It’s OK to vote against the black guy. You gave him a shot. He gave it his best shot. He failed. And the most effective message is: “It’s OK to make a change” — and not be thought of as a racist.  --- Jonathan Capehart, Wapo

We all know that in a liberal's mind, holding Obama accountable for his failure to bring about an economic recovery because of his policies, and voting against him because of that, is racist!!!!!!!!!!

 Right? RIGHT?????