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Monday, January 23, 2012

Gallup Shows Mitt Romney's National Lead Collapsing

By Susan Duclos

January 20, 2012, just three days ago, Mitt Romney held a national lead over Newt Gingrich by a 10 percent margin. Today, according to Gallup's Election 2012 Tracking, Romney holds a one percent lead over Gingrich, 29 percent to 28 percent, well within the margin for error.

Ron Paul holds 13 percent and Rick Santurm 11 percent.

Worse yet, via Political Wire, "The tracking survey is a five day rolling average and reflects just one day of polling since Gingrich's blow out primary victory in South Carolina.."

This comes on the heels of two national polls seeing a large Gingrich surge that puts him well ahead of Romney in Florida primary polling.

Mitt "Perfect" Romney had a bad week last week and it doesn't look to be getting any better as the new week begins. It seems to be making him a tad grumpy as well.