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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It Takes AP 3 Pages To Fact Check Obama's SOTU Lies

By Susan Duclos

[Update] CNN conducted an instant focus group on Obama's State of the Union, (January 24, 2012), 24 second video below.

"If you thought the 2012 State of the Union was very similar to President Obama’s past State of the Union speeches, you were right…"-- RNC (Video below) H/T BuzzFeed

The AP, via, takes a look at Obama's rhetoric Tuesday night during his State of the Union address and how it fits with the facts and political circumstances and it takes them three pages to fact check what Obama said and compare it to reality and finds Obama's version of the state our country to be lacking, containing half truths or misinformation.

The Washington Post Fact Checker examines 11 claims by Obama that were misleading or lacking context.

The transcript for the SOTU can be found HERE.

Below is the video of Mitch Daniels who gave the republican rebuttal of Obama's State of the Union address. (12:19 minute video)