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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Poker Analogy: Mitt Romney Goes Full 'Tilt' With Criticism Of Gingrich Attacking Media And Moderators

By Susan Duclos

Someone should tell Mitt Romney to slowly back away from the cookie jar because his latest criticism of Newt Gingrich is tantamount to a poker player going on full "tilt."

Poker Term: Tilt

A player goes on tilt when his or her emotions take over. A player on tilt no longer plays rationally and instead plays like a maniac. Often, the player just suffered a bad beat and is very upset. A player on tilt often loses a lot of money, so going on tilt needs to be avoided. However, even the best players can go on tilt at times.

The Hill headline "Romney blasts Gingrich over attacks on debate moderators, news media"

Mitt Romney attacked his GOP presidential rival Newt Gingrich over what has to date been one of Gingrich’s most effective debate methods — going after the moderators and the media for questions he deems inappropriate.

“It’s very easy to talk down a moderator,” Romney said Wednesday on Fox News. “The moderator asks a question and then has to sit by and take whatever you send to them. And Speaker Gingrich has been wonderful at attacking the moderators and attacking the media.”

It is understandable that Mitt Romney would be upset, emotional over losing his polling lead over Newt Gingrich in the next primary state, Florida, as well as losing his 20 plus point national lead, with Gingrich now leading in the polls with both Florida and the nationwide, but has Romney lost his mind??????

Two-thirds of the South Carolina primary voters, who gave Newt Gingrich a 12 percentage point win on primary day in South Carolina, said it the debate performances mattered for their voting preference.

Newt Gingrich received a standing ovation in his criticism of the debate moderator, Juan Williams, in one debate and two standing ovations for his outrage and criticism of CNN's John King and the liberal media in the second debate.

In case Romney has forgotten, the majority of the public see media bias (60%) and by three-to-one they see that bias as being liberal, 47 to 13 percent.

Note to Mitt Romney- That goes double for conservatives Mitt, which means appearing to defend the media and moderators from Gingrich, puts you on the opposite end of the spectrum, hell the political universe, as conservative voters. You know, those people that you want to vote for you!!!!

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit calls Romney "tone deaf" and Charlotte Hays at NRO has a "word of advice" for Romney's advisers.