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Monday, January 30, 2012

Video- Newt 2012 Releases New Website:

By Susan Duclos

The Newt Gingrich campaign has launched a new website named the "Tales of Mitt", tracking Romney's falsehoods. The site covers the "Recent tales of Mitt," highlighting what they call five occasions during the CNN debate on January 26 where "Mitt Romney spun five mighty yarns to hide his record as a Massachusetts Moderate."

Those five are listed as "Voting Democrat", "Blind Trust", "Haven't Seen The Ad (Which I Approved)", "Half of Uninsured Got Insurance On Own", and "Romneycare Only Affects Uninsured".

The top video listed on the site at the moment is titled "Which Mitt is it? " (Shown below)

Via email announcement of the launch of Tales of Mitt"

As a public service to voters unable to follow and understand Mitt Romney’s changing positions and stories on just about every issue and element of his past, Newt 2012 launched a new website

The website will update as the primary campaign continues to document all of Mitt Romney’s flip flops and new stories trying to explain his liberal record.

“Trying to keep the site updated as rapidly as Governor Romney changes his positions and obscures about his past will be a daunting undertaking,” said Gingrich Spokesperson RC Hammond. “But we pledge to keep up with the deluge of material the Governor is sure to provide.” features text and video documenting Mitt Romney’s flip flops, prevarications and attempts to hide his history as a liberal Massachusetts Republican. The three videos up now include the previously released “What Kind of Man” and two new releases, “Which Mitt Is It?” and “Mitt’s Blind Trust Bluff.”

“On issues ranging from the facts about Romneycare to voting for Democrats, we can find Mitt Romney talking out of both sides of his mouth, with the only constant being his own political interest at a given moment in time,” said Hammond.

“Of course, the issue really isn’t the correct understanding of blind trusts, despite Romney’s convenient interpretations. It’s whether voters can trust Mitt Romney. And as we’ve seen in 1994, 2002, 2008, and 2012, Mitt Romney will say anything and change any position just to get elected,” Hammond continued.

With the Romney campaign and pro-Romney groups outspending the Gingrich campaign and pro-Gingrich groups by 4-to-1, the Gingrich campaign is utilizing social media, and counting on grassroots support to take him all the way to the GOP convention.

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