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Monday, January 16, 2012

Keystone XL Pipeline: Since Obama Is Dragging His feet, Canada Looks To Asia To Sell Energy Supplies

By Susan Duclos

The video contains several important facts to help inform your decision:

  • Editorial boards coast-to-coast are urging President Obama to approve the Keystone extension.
  • TransCanada first filed for a permit to build and operate the Keystone pipeline more than three years ago. Clearing a “key bureaucratic hurdle” last summer, the State Department announced the extension passed environmental reviews.

With Barack Obama kowtowing to his base and delaying a decision on Keystone XL pipeline, Canada has made it very clear they will not wait around indefinitely for the U.S. and is now looking to Asia to sell it's "abundance of oil, natural gas and minerals."

Via The Ledger:

Canada is now looking to Asian countries to market its abundance of oil, natural gas and minerals as plans to build the proposed Keystone XL pipeline have stalled with the U.S. administration.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will travel to China next month to discuss selling Canada's bounty to the rapidly growing nation.

The preferred initial plan was to build the $7 billion Keystone pipeline to deliver Alberta's oilsands crude to refineries in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico.

Harper reasoned that the U.S. government would prefer to deal with a friendly neighbor to help meet its energy needs while creating thousands of jobs.

With widespread opposition by U.S. environmentalists, the Obama administration has delayed its decision on whether to approve the project proposed by energy giant TransCanada Pipelines.

The new plan would market to China and Asian countries through the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline that would transport Alberta's oil and natural gas to British Columbia for shipment by tankers.

A new energy market where we are relying on an allies instead of unfriendly nations for our energy supplies and thousands upon thousands of jobs for Americans, mean nothing to Barack Obama when it comes to doing what is right for the country versus what is right for his reelection campaign.

Keystone XL is shovel-ready. TransCanada is poised to put 13,000 Americans to work to construct the pipeline - pipefitters, welders, mechanics, electricians, heavy equipment operators, among other jobs - in addition to 7,000 manufacturing jobs that would be created across the U.S. Additionally, local businesses along the pipeline route will benefit from the 118,000 spin-off jobs Keystone XL will create through increased business for local goods and service providers.

More on Keystone project information at TransCanada.

TransCanada first filed for a permit to build and operate the Keystone pipeline more than three years ago . Despite that, the Obama administration is still showing resistance for the Feb. 21, 2012 deadline stemming from the Republican language inserted in the recently passed payroll tax cut extension.