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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Feel No Sympathy For People Like Daniel Hannan

"He’s in the confessional here, so go read the whole thing and grant him absolution."- AllahPundit at Hot Air

No. No absolution. No sympathy. No understanding.

Let me explain.

Daniel Hannan, UK conservative that bought Barack Obama's rhetoric during his presidential campaign, hook, line and sinker, is now admitting publicly that he was wrong for supporting Obama. Wrong about Obama.

No one denies that Obama was dealt a rotten economic hand; but he has played it ineptly. His policies are serving to make his country poorer, less free and less respected. And that is a problem for all of us .

He blasts Obama on his foreign policy and takes him to task on his economic incompetence, but none of that matters.

At least Obamabots, those that knew and understood that Obama's previous voting history was, indeed, exactly what they would be getting, supported him for those reasons. While I may disagree, vehemently, with those policies and Obama's political agenda, those that agree with that agenda could have and should have supported him because he was the candidate who matched their views.

Conservatives and Independents that have conservative leanings, on the other hand, who ignored Obama's voting history which showed him to be a far left leaning Democratic prone to voting for entitlements and held the ideals of socialism, deserved exactly what they got when they realized that all Obama's talk and promises meant zilch.

In the age of the Internet, there is no excuse for not knowing exactly who you are supporting. Campaign promises are simply a tool to help one get elected, they mean absolutely nothing in the face of a previous voting record which is proof of who and what a politician is. Those voting records can be obtained with a simple search of "voting record (insert name)" and voila, if that person has voted, the results will show you how they voted.

They are public record and anyone who chooses to ignore facts because someone gives a good speech and makes pretty promises, is a fool, an ignorant fool at that.

So, while I give Mr. Hannan kudos for having the courage to publicly admit he was wrong, that does take guts, it doesn't make his support for Barack Obama any less foolish.

Okay, rant over and back to regularly scheduled programming........