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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Painfully You Post

Whaddayawannatalkabout? There is no oil spill. It's a leak. It could have been squelched from the beginning. Look at it. We are offered help. Obama ignores. We have a huge skimmer in Norfolk. Obama ignored. We have all the resources needed to stop this madness. Yet...Obama seems to ignore.

Painfully posting something you absolutely hate, just breaks my heart. I'm to the point of where I can't even call him a Man anymore. No conscience, no Love of Country, no anything. Just an empty shell, touting anything he can verbalise. There is no substance. I used to just not like him. Now I am sure of it. I hate him. I didn't think it was in me. But hate finally won. That is so sad.

I have all of the sarcastic pictures of him, all over my wall in my den. They are coming down. Mad Magazine, Obamanopoly, Stop The Mob.....all will be gone tonight. It is hate. True and founded.. I cannot stand to watch him on TV anymore. Israel is a toy for him to play with. Socialism is in his words and past. Our troops are confused. This bag of skin is a destroyer. I have come to accept that. He follows all of the concepts of Cloward and Piven. His chances with me are over. God and Christ forgive me for the Hate that has brewed within me, for him.

And Barack Hussein Obama? You are going down! I didn't start it, but I will help, as much as can, to see your Congress defeated in November! 2012 is a Liberty Year! Pray we can undo the damage you cause in the meantime!

"When the People fear the Government, then you have Tyranny, when the Government fears the People, you have Liberty" Thomas Jefferson

"They’re snuffing out the America that I grew up in, right now, we’ve got more Americans engaged in their government than at any time in our history. There’s a political rebellion brewing, and I don’t think we’ve seen anything like it since 1776." John Boehner