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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama's Presidential Job Approval Downward Spiral

The graph above speaks for itself.

More analysis at Rasmussen.

Gallup also shows the downward spiral:

Zogby trend for Obama's job approval:

It doesn't matter which organization is doing the polling or that the numbers slightly differ, the pattern, the trend itself is evident in the graphs and the figures.

[Update] The graphs above kind of make the headline of this The Hill article, amusing.

Obama: 'America will be watching' to see if GOP will cooperate

President Barack Obama went on the attack against Republicans on Saturday, accusing the GOP of obstructing a litany of his legislative priorities in Congress.

The president struck a decidedly partisan note in his address, castigating Senate Republicans in particular for using their 41-vote bloc to slow down and filibuster a number of pieces of legislation.

I point to the graphs above to highlight the fact that Obama is right, we are watching and the GOP damn well better do everything in their power to stop Obama's "legislative priorities in Congress", unless the GOP wants to see their trends and patterns closely mimic Obama's.

What Obama doesn't seem to understand is that his job approval numbers are in a downward spiral because Americans do not like his ""legislative priorities" and we suggest the GOP keep that firmly in mind.