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Friday, June 11, 2010

FBI Agent Talks About Bill Ayers

This was on Glenn Beck yesterday. It truly announces the fact, of what the "Revolutionaries" really want. I will include a link to download STORMS handbook. This is scary stuff, and if you don't think it is real, the STORM handbook was co-published by none other than Van Jones, in 2004.

Yes, connect the dots folks. They were here from the beginning, there are here now. In the 60s, maybe you could recognize them. The way they dressed, acted,...but now, they could be your neighbor, and you would be none the wiser. They are told to dress like others, act like others, not to stand out. Download the handbook, watch the video. The dots are there...

The link:

I beg you download, print if you can, pass it around. The "Revolutionaries", aren't in office, but they sit next to it. Several visit the White House often.


P.S. You better grab the vid while you can. They are trying to delete it, I doubt that they succeed, it has gone too far. Becks website crashed yesterday from the hits.....