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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

American Crossroads Ad In Nevada: Harry: you’ve done enough!

Video of ad below post

American Crossroads has created another ad targeting Harry Reid in Nevada ahead of the November elections, where Reid is trailing in the polls against Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate.

Rasmussen has Reid trailing Angle by 7 and Las Vegas Review Journal/Mason-Dixon has Reid trailing by 3.

According to their site, American Crossroads is starting an initial statewide buy of $120,000.

Text of ad:

“Harry Reid says, ‘No one can do more’ than he can. Really, Harry? [REID ON SENATE FLOOR:] ‘Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good.’ Really, Harry? No wonder Nevada now has the highest unemployment in the nation. Bailouts. Deficits. ObamaCare. No one can do more? Really, Harry? For Nevadans, haven’t you done enough?”

Release info:

American Crossroads today released a new ad entitled “Really?” which challenges Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) assertion that “no one can do more” for Nevada because of his twenty-four year tenure in the Senate. The new ad cites a recent self-promoting ad by Reid as well as part of a speech given by Reid on the Senate floor.

“Unfortunately, Senator Reid’s record of taxpayer-funded bailouts, government takeovers and spiraling debt has not helped the hundreds of thousands of Nevadans who are out of work or losing their homes,” said Mike Duncan, chairman of the board of American Crossroads. “Nevada and the rest of the country deserve something better than Reid’s tired Washington formula of taxpayer-financed pork and attack politics.”

A note from American Crossroads:

Harry Reid has presided over a Senate that helped nationalize our health care system, racked up reckless deficits and debt, and became a Bailout ATM for well-heeled special interests. Meanwhile, Nevadans are suffering under record home foreclosures and the highest unemployment rate in the country.

What’s Harry’s answer? More deficit-financed pork and vicious political attacks.

What’s our answer? Harry: you’ve done enough!

To rebuild America’s ailing economic and fiscal health, we need principled leadership that respects taxpayers, restrains spending, and restricts government power. If you’d like to help make that a reality, then join us and be part of the American Crossroads community!

Video below: