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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oil, Obama, and Soros

Simple title. I don't talk much, but Soros, seems to be a big player here.

Petrobras = Gasoline Brazil = Soros = Obama . I dunno folks, something seems to be strange underfoot, or under sea. Isn't it crazy, Obama would ban any offshore drilling, but promise monies we do not have to drill as much as, let's be Conservative here. 10,000 feet? I'm just saying. No, I'll let them say it.

Maybe you think Beck is an idiot. Maybe you hate him. It's OK. Read some of the books he promotes. "The Road To Serfdom" is a classic. It was issued to WW II soldiers. Aw, just another conspiracy theory. Really? Were we so wrong in WW II? How did that turn out? Socialism takes you out, one bite at a time, like a frog in water. You haven't a clue till...................

Lucky I did not include blowing up an oil platform theory. It's a Conspiracy, to promote a crisis. They would not have done that! Would they? Jones act........

Skeez is just sayin' How far do you think the new rule of reversing the ban will last? I doubt the Constitution will come into play. It hasn't so far. Know what I'm sayin'?