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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bye-bye Vice President Biden?

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

That is the speculation and prediction of Liz Peek.

Joe Biden has been a liability to the Obama Administration Regime since he was put on the ticket in 2008.  It seems the Vice President has Foot-in-Mouth Disease.  He opens his mouth and inserts his foot.  He has become an embarrassment and a political liability to this regime. Therefore he must go!

Ms. Peek predicts that Obama will cut loose Joe Biden in favor of Hillary Clinton.
Here’s a prediction: the Obama administration will bounce Joe Biden off the 2012 ticket, and invite Hillary Clinton to run in his stead.

The move will aim to bolster Obama’s standing and provide some excitement among core Democrats – something that Biden fails to provide. Hillary will agree, because just four years later she will be superbly positioned to run for president – ever the rainbow on her personal horizon.

At present, her polls are high, with 58% of voters viewing her at least somewhat favorably.

Wistful Dems who wonder these days what could have been will tout her hard work and pragmatic diplomacy as she chases one impossible Obama pipe dream after another to all corners of the globe.

Certain wishful Dems are hoping she will challenge Obama in a primary. I don’t think so. As Ted Kennedy found when he tried to pick off Jimmy Carter in 1980, even an unpopular incumbent is still an incumbent.

If the White House political team brings Clinton on board over the next year, they can remove whatever threat exists from that quarter. Meanwhile, Hillary can bide her time and husband her resources, eventually running against Obama’s legacy.

She will have better answers on health care, a subject she has studiously avoided discussing, and could adopt her husband’s centrist approach to trade and taxes to win over independents.
Up until President Eisenhower, the position of Vice President on a political ticket was easily changed.  FDR had 3 different VPs (John Nance Garner, Henry A. Wallace, and Harry S. Truman.).  So it isn't out of the question or against historical precedent.

Joe Biden was originally chosen for his experience in foreign affairs.  A skill it seems, judging from the last 2 years of this regime, neither Joe Biden or Barack Hussein Obama have or ever has aquired.

Nor has Hillary Clinton showed her great skill in foreign policy and foreign affairs in her tenure as Secretary of State.

In fact the trio remind on of the bumbling antics of the 3 Stooges.  It would be funny, but the price to our security is too high for such jokes or jokers.

I have always wondered why Joe Biden was brought onto the ticket.  He brought no electoral votes, no region of the nation to swing towards Obama, he is a bumbler, a fool at times, yet he and not Hillary was chosen to be the VP.  Could it be that the idea of President Biden is so horrible to the nation that the Congress will allow Obama to do anything to prevent that from happening?  Does Joe Biden make Obama safe from impeachment?  If so, why the change of heart?

This is all speculation and will not matter if Obama's polls continue to drop.  Who is going to vote for a President with a 20% or less approval rating?  Pretty much no one.  So regardless of who is on the ticket in 2012, as things look right now, Obama is a one-term President and should be considered a lame duck.

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