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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sharron Angle Wins Republican Primary For Nevada

Sharron Angle's victory speech as well as some news commentary while they wait for Angle's victory speech, can be found at Hot Air Pundit.

Angle will take on Harry Reid in November. Angle's message in her victory speech was "We Are Going to Dump Harry Reid on November 2!”

The message she wants sent to Reid in November is "You have failed and you are fired."

According to Real Clear Politics polling averages when Angle is pitted against Reid, Angle comes out ahead and the only poll showing Reid ahead is the one sponsored by Daily Kos and his polling group also predicted Halter's win over Lincoln in Arkansas, which we know by now, was wrong.

According to his twitter tweets, Markos Moulitsas is reconsidering the use of the polling firm he uses because of the incorrect results.

I doubt he will drop them, they seem to give him and his readers the results they want to hear to the questions he wants asked in the form he wants them asked, whtehr the results are accurate or not.


Despite Harry Reid's preference in taking on Angle in the 2010 Las Vegas Senate election, Wapo's 44 Politics and Policy gives us 5 reasons why Harry Reid is in a political fight he may just use.

1. He's really unpopular

2. Dump Harry Reid (chant)

3. Independents will play a key role

4. She's not Rand Paul

5. Harry Reid, the mouth that roared

All are explained in detail over at 44 Politics and Policy page.

Reid popularity is at an all time low, in Nevada and throughout the country as Senate majority leader, so it isn't just local ramifications that will be felt if Reid pulls out a win and keeps his Senate seat, the ripple will be felt throughout the country.

If you, like the plurality of Americans and Nevada residents, are unhappy and/or disapprove of the way Reid has handled his job as your majority leader, then head on over to Sharron Angle's site and help in any way you can to Dump Harry Reid.

Democrats certainly haven't wasted any time in their campaign against Angle now that she has won the republican primary.