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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angle Vs Reid- Nevada Senate Race: Money And Poll Numbers

Real Clear Politics averages show Republican Sharron Angle ahead of Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in the latest polls with only the left leaning Daily Kos sponsored poll showing Reid ahead.

Despite Reid holding a war chest vastly larger than Angle's, since Angle won the Republican primary to challenge Reid for his Nevada Senate seat, she has been receiving many online donations shown by reporting today on the issue.

HotLine On Call reports:

Ex-NV Assemb. Sharron Angle (R) is raising more than $100K a day online since winning the right to face Senate Maj. Leader Harry Reid, according to data kept on her website.

Since Angle won the nomination June 8, Angle has raised $843K online in just 8 days and change. That pace has helped her bring in new staff and begin to build the foundations of a statewide organization, something she lacked in the primary.

The cash is crucial to Angle's success. She had just $138K in the bank and a $170K debt as of her pre-primary report through May 19. Angle also raised big bucks from conservative groups and GOPers during a 4-day-long swing through NY and DC this week, a trip that included fundraisers with NRSC chair John Cornyn and Sen. John Thune (R-SD).

Still, her money picture stands in stark contrast to Reid's campaign; the top Senate Dem had $9.1M in the bank through the same date. Reid has said he will raise and spend $25M in his re-election race, and Pres. Obama will make another trip to NV to help him raise that cash next month.

No doubt the campaign cash will help Angle and that all donors will not necessarily be the voters of Nevada, after all, Harry Reid is the Senate Majority leader which gives all Americans reason to either be for or against his reelection bid.

Before Angle won the Republican primary, Reid had a problem with his popularity within his own state with nearly half the voters saying they would replace him, according to a may poll done by Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The findings are echoed by another poll question about Reid's popularity that finds the four-term incumbent to be a polarizing figure in his home state.

Half of Nevada voters had an unfavorable view of Reid, while 38 percent had a favorable view and 11 percent a neutral opinion.

This would account for the immediate negative attacks that started against Angle within days of her winning the Republican primary and continuing today.

Sharron angle's donation page can be found here.