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Monday, June 21, 2010

Democratic Texas Primary Winner Wants Obama Impeached

Kudos to Mary Katherine Ham for noticing this.

Kesha Rogers won the Democratic nomination in a suburban Houston district (TX-22) on a platform of impeachment of Obama and colonization of Mars. A professional activist in the Lyndon LaRouche movement, she carries posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache and calls him a "Wall Street and London backed puppet." She has “denounced warnings of global warming as imperialist genocide.”

She also won 53 percent of the vote in a three-way Democratic primary in which her views were well-known and the Democratic establishment backed her opponent.

Ham also points out that despite dire warnings from Democrats that electing a GOP majority in the House in November would result in Republicans impeaching Obama, it seems that only nominees that have won their primaries that actually talked about and ran on a platform of impeaching Obama, Democratic candidates.

Funny, I don't see those Democrats linked above mentioning members of their own party that wants Obama impeached.

Just wow.