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Monday, October 13, 2008

WOW Staffers Also Wear Sarah Palin C*nt T-Shirts

Yesterday we asked why the media was reporting a McCain supporter calling Barack Obama an "Arab" and completely ignoring Obama supporters calling Sarah Palin a cunt, even wearing T-shirts with the phrase "Sarah Palin is a cunt" on them.

This morning I see a quite a few links to yesterday's post, as well as some news outlets finally reporting it (ABC's Political Punch, LA Times' Top of the Ticket, The Politico and it was mentioned on Fox News at 9 a.m.)

In following a couple of the links to the original piece written here at WUA, I find there are more wearing those T-Shirts, named and posing proudly.... members of WOW staff, to be exact.

(Clockwise from left: Steve Sims, Kristy Benjamin, Lindsey Hager, Drew Forni, and Lindsay Woods. (Photos by Fred Dechow)

This is the mentality of certain Obama anyone surprised?

I bet their parents are just so proud of them.

[Update] Another link to that original post led me to Freedom Eden who shows us that CafePress is even selling "Republicunt" T-shirts with a photo of Sarah Palin on them.

Freedom Eden shows others referring to Palin as a "bitch" and "Ho"...go look for yourself.