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Saturday, September 13, 2008

John McCain Takes The Lead On RCP Electoral Map

The numbers change as the different state polls are conducted and the results come in, but today the Real Clear Politics Electoral Map shows that John McCain has taken the lead.

John McCain- 227
Barack Obama- 217
Toss Ups- 94

The numbers have changed in part because of states like Florida which now has been moved from the toss up category to the leaning McCain category as McCain takes the lead in three out of four Florida polls this week with the fourth showing a tie.

Obama can still win Florida despite the polling gains McCain has made since naming Sarah Palin his running mate, and there is no sign Obama is pulling back in Florida yet. Far from it. Obama allies say he has about 350 paid staffers in the state and about 50 field offices, including in places not known as fertile ground for Democrats, such as Sun City Center, Lake City and Sebring.

But for all the attention to Florida from the Obama campaign, there's little tangible evidence it's paying off.

He is farther behind in the state than John Kerry was at this point in 2004, even though McCain began buying Florida TV ads only last week. By this time in 2004, the Bush-Cheney campaign had spent $13-million on Florida TV. In the rolling average of Florida polls compiled by the Web site, Obama has never taken the lead over McCain in Florida, and the latest average shows him behind by 5 percentage points. They were tied in early August.

Four Florida polls came out this week, with one showing a tied race, the others showing McCain leading by 5 to 8 percentage points.

Barack Obama seems to be in a freefall while John Mccain is rising higher.

This in no way suggests the race is over, in politics things can change on a dime, so getting cocky would be making the same mistake the Obama campaign made when they thought they couldn't lose.

With that said, Democrats are reported to be in a panic with no idea how to turn things around.

Many Democratic bloggers and pundits are trying to convince members of the far left extreme fringe to stop attacking Sarah Palin personally, but just as they ignored Barack Obama when he told them to "back off" they are ignoring the advice of the moderate Democrats as Stop The ACLU show, as well.

The latest gaffe from Team Obama with their ad criticizing John McCain for his not being computer savvy has once again shown that just like the extreme fringe of the left, team Obama is also flailing blindly and making rookie mistakes that are backfiring against Obama, as Top of the Ticket shows. (Video ad from Obama campaign discussed in yesterday's piece, found here)

If Obama loses in November, it will not only be his team or his inability to run effectively against McCain/Palin, in large part he will have no one to blame except his extreme left supporters.

For that, conservatives everywhere may be able to say thanks to sites like Daily Kos and other far left liberals and the media, after November, for all their help in rallying the American pubic, women and men as well as Independents and moderates, squarely behind McCain/Palin.