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Monday, June 02, 2008

Does the Michelle Obama "Whitey" Video Exist?

Geraldo discussed Clinton's Puerto Rico win and then introduces a Republican strategist, Roger Stone, who says he believes that this rumored Michelle Obama "Whitey Video" is in the hands of some news organizations. (YouTube of Geraldo and Stone here)

Where is this video if it exists?

I am not saying it doesn't exist, I am not claiming it does.

What I am asking here is, if it is as explosive as those that have claimed to see say, then why isn't it viral?

Secrets are not kept well when multiple people in Washington are "in the know" and this rumor has been circulating for weeks.

Larry Johnson from No Quarter, has been writing about this alleged video of Michelle Obama refering to white people as "Whitey", for weeks now and last night No Quarter wrote:

"New and dramatic developments. This is a heads up. I’ll post the news Monday morning by 0900 hours. Now I know why people who have seen the videotape say it is stunning. Barack’s headaches are only starting."

Today, No Quarter has this up:

I learned over the weekend why the Republicans who have seen the tape of Michelle Obama ranting about “whitey” describe it as “STUNNING.” I have not seen it but I have heard from five separate sources who have spoken directly with people who have seen the tape. It features Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan. They are sitting on a panel at Jeremiah Wright’s Church when Michelle makes her intemperate remarks. Whoops!! When that image comes out it will enter the politcal ads hall of fame. It will be right up there with the little girl plucking daisy petals in the famous 1964 ad LBJ used against Barry Goldwater.

The fact is, no matter what Larry Johnson/No Quarter's credentials are (former CIA), even he admits he has not actually seen the tape. He claims to have sources that have seen it, claims to have information about how the tape was obtained and now GOP strategists are saying they have reason to believe the tape is real.

Is it?

If so, where is it and when do we all get to see it?

Johnson says those that have it want to wait until October to officially release the tape but this is politics....does anyone truly believe that anything can remain a secret for long in the world of politics during an election season?

Considering the ruling which took some of the wind out of Clinton's sails this weekend with the DNC's Rules and ByLaws decision regarding the splitting of the Michigan delegates, even though Obama wasn't on the ballot at all, and her landslide victory in Puerto Rico as well as Superdelegates flocking to Obama...would this not be the time for this particular video to surface for her?

If this tape exists, it could be the only saving her from having to surrender.

Then again, if the rumor is true and the tape exists and that it is GOP'ers that have possession, wouldn't it behoove them to wait at least until Clinton has been forced out and Obama is reigned the Democratic candidate for president, officially?

A lot of if's and a lot of buzz over something that is still just a rumor but the questions over what this would do to Barack Obama, if the tape exists, are truly endless.

Then again, if the tape exists and the Democrats officially had the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama and then it is released... it wouldn't just be Barack Obama that would be politically damaged beyond repair, it would be the Democratic party as a whole.

Where is this tape? Who has it? If it exists, when do we all get to see it and determine for ourselves if it is near as bad as is being described in the rumors.