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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama Takes Maine

Once again, we see how the inevitability of Hillary Clinton isn't so much the case. Despite the below freezing temperatures and up to eight inches of snow, Maine voters turned out to put Obama as their choice over Clinton in today's caucuses.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Barack Obama defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic Party's Maine caucuses on Sunday, grabbing a majority of delegates as the state's Democrats overlooked the snowy weather and turned out in heavy numbers for municipal gatherings.

With 70 percent of the participating precincts reporting, Obama had 57 percent of the vote, while Clinton had 42 percent.

Democrats in 420 Maine towns and cities decided how the state’s 24 delegates would be allotted at the party’s national presidential convention in August. Despite the weather, turnout was “incredible,” party executive director Arden Manning said.

In other breaking news from Team Clinton, her campaign manager has resigned today, as well:

Patti Solis Doyle announced that she is stepping down as the campaign manager for the presidential campaign of Sen. Hilary Clinton, D-N.Y., ABC News has learned that this afternoon.

In a note she sent to her staff, Solis Doyle announced that this week Maggie Williams, Clinton's chief of staff when she was first lady, "will begin to assume the duties of campaign manager." Solis Doyle, 42, said she would remain as a senior adviser to the campaign.

Senior advisor. So she's not going to be in CHARGE any more, but she'll be there in an ADVISORY role.

Curious how the Clintons shuffle the deck. I'm not sure I'd personally do business that way. OH WAIT, this isn't business, it's politics...

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