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Friday, October 05, 2007

New Series: Rush Limbaugh Says-- Blame it On Harry Reid and Media Matters

[Updates below]

Thats right, it is all Dingy Harry and Media Matters' fault, I am starting a new series here at Wake up America and it is going to be called "Rush Says".

Why am I doing this?

Well, I had heard of Rush and I never had an opinion one way or another on him, I do not listen to talk radio and I did not even know he had a website, but Media Matters and Harry Reid & Co. changed all that.

With their manufactured story and all the free publicity they have given Rush Limbaugh, they have handed him, on a silver platter, a whole new slew of supporters, listeners and readers.

Well Done Dingy Harry.

Better yet, Rush Limbaugh even got Harry Reid to call himself Dingy Harry.....that alone is worth it all!!!!

Rush Says

RUSH: I gotta tell you this. This is actually funny, too. There's a letter that the Democrats are sending out from the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee to fund-raise off of my name and this phony soldiers flap that they have started and are lying about. "Dear friend: Demand that Rush Limbaugh apologize. That's the latest salvo from Democrats who want Americans to believe that the influential talk show host has insulted US --" It is so absurd! But get this: "Writing on behalf of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, a political group that works to elect Democrats, Senate majority leader Harry Reid on Thursday said he normally ignores Rush Limbaugh but Limbaugh's recent comment about phony soldiers went too far for him to stay silent, Reid said. 'It's one thing to call me Dingy Harry'" -- (laughing) -- he actually acknowledges the name I call him in this letter! (laughing) "It's one thing to call me Dingy Harry, but it's another to insult our men and women in uniform." Which, you know, Senator, never happened.

Now that is funny!!!

Another interesting little tidbit from Rush about Jesse Macbeth, did anyone else know his name was Jesse Al-Zaid?

Rush Says:

RUSH: I kind of glossed over this, but the phony soldier being discussed on this program since last Wednesday, Jesse MacBeth, was born as Jesse Al-Zaid in 1984. Now, he did something interesting in January of 2006. After he told all of these lies, after he lied about his Purple Heart -- the guy never got out of boot camp. He washed out after 44 days. He was never a Green Beret, Special Ops, never anything, never went to Iraq. The whole thing was manufactured. Obviously, he had to do this on purpose with the intent of discrediting the US military. Now, these are the people, before they learn the truth, the Democrat Party embraces, sad to say. So he tells all these lies about all these soldiers that he saw hanging innocent civilians from the rafters of mosques and all this.

Last but not least Rush Limbaugh shows the incredible ignorance of Ken Salazar, a senator from Colorado.

Rush Says:

RUSH: I was wondering this morning when I got here to the EIB broadcast complex, I was wondering if the Democrats might be feeling as though they had opened up a Pandora's Box. Did you hear about Ken Salazar? Ken Salazar, a senator from Colorado, wants to censure me? This guy, he might be smarter than we think. Now, I don't know if he knows the Constitution. When is the last time, Senator Salazar, that you read the Constitution? You have no power to censure me or any other private citizen. Do you realize what a fool you sound like when you want to censure me? You'd have to make me a senator to censure me, and you might want to do that because then I couldn't do the radio show. I'd have to take a pay cut, give up the radio show, and then become a senator. But if you did that, I would tilt the majority to the Republicans in the Senate. That's the only way you can censure me. You can't censure private citizens, even though you're talking about doing it. But I do have an idea.

Senator, I will censure you. I will censure you for repeating lies about a private citizen! (laughing) I will censure you for being ignorant about the Constitution. You should be censured for being a fool. If we're going to start censuring people, let's start censuring John Kerry, and Jack Murtha, and Dick Durbin, and Harry Reid. These are the people talking down the troops. Let's censure them! You guys need to focus on your own House there and your own Senate rather than focusing on me. Anyway, I was just wondering this morning if they might be feeling as though they've opened up a Pandora's Box, because everybody now knows the background of Media Matters. Everybody knows that Hillary Clinton started it; she's taking credit for starting it and founding it. Media Matters people are very nervous, they're being asked about it. "Well, no, no, no, she really had nothing to do with it." So somebody is lying. Media Matters said she wasn't involved; she said she is. This is no small thing.

This has been the first installment of "Rush Says" and I would personally like to thank Media Matters, Harry Reid and all the Democratic politicians and their supporters for bringing Rush Limbaugh to my, and many others, attention.

We owe you one!!!!!

Please do not forget to go sign the letter going to Harry Reid and cohorts as well as to Clear Channel, then go sign the petition, which in one day has already gotten 13,900+ signatures sending Washington a message.

[Update] The Government is now investigating up to 60 cases of "phony soldiers."

[Update #2] From the American Digest we see why Rush Limabugh is laughing at Media Matters, Harry Reid and all the left wing liberal supporters.

Limabugh's earnings:

That's $24 to $36 million a year. Enough for at least 71 Maybachs. Not bad for a man that currently has the entire lunatic base of the Democrat party pursuing him.

Given all the blather going on around what this man didn't say and didn't mean, it would seem to me that the publicity surrounding this man behind the golden microphone boosted his ratings to such an extent that he'll be pulling in $5 million a month. Not a bad raise. At this rate he could self-fund a run for the Presidency. Not that he'd get there, but keeping count of the Democrat brain embolisms on the Rush campaign trail would be amusing.

Yup, he is laughing all the way to the bank!!!!!!

[Update #3] Byron York over at The Hill has an excellent piece out, titled "Dems’ Limbaugh frustration".

So why are these two controversies, MoveOn and Limbaugh, producing different results?

Because they are different.

The “General Betray Us?” ad was a single-page, big-type statement with the world’s most provocative headline. It said what it said. You could read the whole thing in a few seconds and judge for yourself.

Limbaugh’s comment wasn’t quite the same. It wasn’t just a two-word statement, despite what his critics say. To get what Limbaugh was saying, you had to listen to a full exchange — something that requires a few minutes’ investment, which is more than some of Limbaugh’s most determined adversaries have been willing to make.

And then you had to think about it all. Limbaugh says he had news reports of an actual phony soldier, Jesse Macbeth, in mind when he made his comments.

And sure enough, Limbaugh discussed Macbeth, unbidden, in the same exchange with a listener in which he used the “phony soldier” phrase.

A fair-minded reviewer would likely conclude that yes, Limbaugh was referring to Macbeth. After all, he said it at the time.

None of that has been enough, however, for Limbaugh’s critics, particularly in the blogosphere.

“It’s time to take him out,” says Jane Hamsher, guiding spirit of the popular Firedoglake blog.

What’s frustrating to Hamsher and others on the left is that congressional Democrats don’t have the same mad desire to “take him out” that she and her colleagues in the blogosphere do.

“The fact that the Democrats aren’t going after Rush hammer and tongs is largely due to their failure to see themselves as an opposition party involved in an ideological war,” Hamsher writes.

“The Republicans understand it, and that’s why they’ve been so successful at controlling the agenda as a minority party.”

So for now, at least, the blogosphere fumes and Democrats fret.

Read the whole thing, it accurately describes what we have seen happening in the last week

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